Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept it is to
Become a Healthy Birth Warrior and Help Make Birth Safer for All.

What is a Healthy Birth Warrior?

The term "warrior" is often associated with images of power, confidence, accomplishment, honor and integrity.

  • They are disciplined and arm themselves with the tools they will need for battle.
  • They develop mental focus. No one can develop essential skills of dealing with life, protecting one's self or facing a foreboding opponent with an unfocused mind.
  • They develop an attitude of persistence. They have to face difficulty, pain, discomfort, discouragement, fear and the prospect of failure without quitting.
  • They train both mentally and physically to have greater wisdom and strength

All of these traits apply to a Healthy Birth Warrior as well.

A Healthy Birth Warrior comes in many forms.

  • You are pregnant and gathering information to be better informed about your upcoming birth.
  • You are someone who supports pregnant families like a doula, childbirth educator, acupuncturist, chiropractor or yoga instructor.
  • You are a midwife, doctor or nurse.
  • You are a facility administrator.

There is a common thread running strong through us all: We believe in a pregnant persons right to autonomy, their right to respect and dignity during childbirth and their right to informed consent and right of refusal. We also believe that deeply embedded and outdated practice patterns need to be a thing of the past and that together we hold the power to make that happen.

Become a Member Now

 3 Ways to Become a Healthy Birth Warrior

Join the League 

In communities across the country, there are local leagues of healthy birth warriors
and you could join them today. It's a place where pregnant families can find support
and information. Its a place where professionals can network and collaborate with
other passionate people who are striving to improve birth at the community level.


Find Your League

Accept the Mission!

Become a Member

The common thread we hear over and over again is “I never want this to happen to another family." This is your opportunity to not be a lone voice in the crowd. Join our global community of passionate consumers, advocates, leaders and experts who are committed to improving birth for pregnant people and their babies. Talk about what's happening in your community, brainstorm and share ideas.

Mission Accepted!

Lead the Charge!

Become a Chapter Leader

Be the ImprovingBirth Network leader in your community. You are a critical thinker. A natural leader and organizer. You get an idea and run with it. But whose running with you? Get the power and resources of the largest consumer advocacy organization behind you as you strive to make a huge impact for the birthing families in your community.

Take Charge!